Angel Day Tribute Initiative

Angel Day Tribute Initiative

Visit this website or the Angel Day Tribute Facebook page daily to remember our fallen heroes since 9/11. All branches of the the United States military are represented. Our heroes' names appear on this page on the day they died.

We welcome and encourage sharing a picture of your friend or loved one or any special recollections of them. Please visit the Facebook page to add photos comments; click here.

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Our Fallen Heroes
Angel Day: June 23
(listed alphabetically by last name)


Lance Corporal Holly A. Charette
Cranston, Rhode Island - Age 21 - U.S. Marine: OIF

Petty Officer 1st Class Regina R. Clark
Centralia, Washington - Age 43 - U.S. Naval Reserve: OIF

Lance Corporal Veashna Muy
Los Angeles, California - Age 20 - U.S. Marine: OIF

Sergeant 1st Class Christopher W. Phelps
Louisville, Kentucky - Age 39 - U.S. Army: OIF

Corporal Chad W. Powell
West Monroe, Louisiana - Age 22 - U.S. Marine: OIF

Sergeant Joseph M. Tackett
Whitehouse, Kentucky - Age 22 - U.S. Army: OIF

Corporal Ramona M. Valdez
Bronx, New York - Age 20 - U.S. Marine: OIF


Private 1st Class Paul A. Beyer
Jamestown, North Dakota - Age 21 - U.S. Army: OIF

Staff Sergeant Mario J. Bievre
Constantinople, Illinois - Age 34 - U.S. Army: OIF

Corporal Ryan J. Buckley
Nokomis, Illinois - Age 21 - U.S. Army: OIF

Private 1st Class Devon J. Gibbons
Port Orchard, Washington - Age 19 - U.S. Army: OIF

Specialist Channing G. Singletary
Sylvester, Georgia - Age 30 - U.S. Army National Guard: OIF


Sergeant William E. Brown
Phil Campbell, Alabama - Age 25 - U.S. Army: OIF

Specialist Derek A. Calhoun
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Age 23 - U.S. Army: OIF

Sergeant Joel A. Dahl
Los Lunas, New Mexico - Age 21 - U.S. Army: OIF

Sergeant Chris Davis
Lubbock, Texas - Age 35 - U.S. Army: OIF

Sergeant Joel A. House
Lee, Maine - Age 22 - U.S. Army: OIF

Specialist Joseph P. Kenny
Veneta, Oregon - Age 20 - U.S. Army: OIF

Captain Darrell C. Lewis
Washington, D.C., - Age 31 - U.S. Army: OEF

Sergeant Jimy M. Malone
Wills Point, Texas - Age 23 - U.S. Army: OIF

Staff Sergeant Michael D. Moody Jr.
Richmond, Virginia - Age 31 - U.S. Army: OIF

Airman 1st Class Jason D. Nathan
Macon, Georgia - Age 22 - U.S. Air Force: OIF

Lieutenant Daniel P. Riordan
St. Louis, Missouri - Age 24 - U.S. Army: OIF

Private 1st Class Shane M. Stinson
Fullerton, California - Age 23 - U.S. Army: OIF


Captain Gregory T. Dalessio
Cherry Hill, New Jersey - Age 30 - U.S. Army: OIF

Private 1st Class Bryan M. Thomas
Lake Charles, Louisiana - Age 22 - U.S. Army: OIF


Corporal Joshua R. Dumaw
Spokane Valley, Washington - Age 23 - U.S. Marine: OEF

Private 1st Class Anthony T. Justesen
Wilsonville, Oregon - Age 22 - U.S. Army: OEF

Private 1st Class Russell E. Madden
Dayton, Kentucky - Age 29 - U.S. Army: OEF


Lance Corporal Niall W. Cotisears
Arlington, Virginia - Age 23 - U.S. Marine: OEF

Lance Corporal Hunter D. Hogan
Norman, Indiana - Age 21 - U.S. Marine: OEF


Sergeant Corey E. Garver
Topsham, Maine - Age 25 - U. S. Army: OEF

Specialist Javier Sanchez Jr.
Greenfield, California - Age 28 - U. S. Army: OEF

About the Initiative

The thought of brave men and women giving their lives on behalf of our country brings many images to mind. The battlefield cross. A flag-draped casket. Family members, friends, and brothers and sisters in arms weeping at the loss of a loved one. But from tragedy comes hope, and determination—especially the determination that the sacrifices of these brave men and women will never be forgotten.

With that in mind, we have launched the "Angel Day Tribute" initiative. It's a way to honor our service members who made the ultimate sacrifice by remembering them each year on their Angel Day. It's also a way to recognize their family members, and to help create additional ways for those family members and comrades and friends of the fallen to connect and share with one another.

These men and women and their families have given so much on our behalf. Please join us in honoring and keeping alive the memories of these American heroes.


Angel Day Tribute is an initiative of, Inc. and includes all branches of the United States Military.

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